Essen products Goes green

We at Essen Products India Limited have taken an initiative to go green & thus save power & environment. We would welcome more people & companies to initiate these simple ways which can help contributing towards the life on planet. We have implemented the following ways to go green:

1) Be bright about light
• We institute a policy of turning off the lights when we’re leaving any room for 15 minutes or more.
2) Go paperless when possible
• We post employee manuals and similar materials online, rather than distributing print copies. They’re easier to update that way too!
• Take steps to transition to a paperless office, where all communications are viewed on-screen rather than being printed out.
3) Maximize computer efficiency
• We make it a policy to turn off our computer—and the power strip it’s plugged into—when we leave for the day.
• During the day, setting our computer to go to sleep automatically during short breaks can cut energy use by 70 percent. Remember, screen savers don’t save energy
4) Print smarter
• Set printers to print on both sides of paper.
5) Planting tress
• We have planted trees around our company campus & encourage more greenery at our workplace.